Face your Fears and just Zipline!

Today we hosted a fantastic family from NW Arkansas.  Shannon is a blogger witih NWAMotherload.com, a blog that is all about enriching the lives of mothers and families, something that we are also passionate about here at Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline. We work hard to “make memories last a lifetime”.

Shannon has a natural fear of heights and at first, she was a little hesitant to ride.  With a little coaxing and encouragement, she decided to give ziplining a try.  Here is her story in this video we call, Face your Fears and just Do it!

A big shout out to the Branson Area CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau)  and Explore Branson for sponsoring Shannon and her family to visit us.  Read more about Shannon’s trip to Branson where she also talks about her experience with our newest Zip & Sip attraction on the SKY Deck and check out her amazing opening  photo in the article.  It’s taken from the SKY Deck!


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